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Recruitment on the election headhunting election Bek distributions, llc!

We (Bek integrated distributions, LLC) is a comprehensive company dedicated to the headhunting service and management consulting services. Enterprise Bek integrated into headhunting industry since 2006, has been successful in the service of customers from all walks of life both at home and abroad, and continuously participate in a variety of business areas, provide enterprises with human resources consulting and design executive team structure, including the IT industry, finance, insurance and Internet banking, real estate, manufacturing, consumer and category, chemical industry, petroleum, building materials and property management, automotive, market research, legal and other consulting organizations, media, public relations and advertising industry, retail business department.


Service advantage

Professional advisers, one-on-one service for the enterprise, tailored for the enterprise cooperated plan;

Price advantage

On the quality of talent has a relative price advantage at the same time, online consulting clients drop rate in the end.

Team members

Arrive in a timely manner to ensure the quality of talent and rate, the position of each customer we are team work to complete.

Service Area

Bek's service area is not just a few areas of Bek Studio, Bek's network covers a number of Internet cities, we have a studio in the area, we prefer to come to understand customer needs, can not reach the area, Bek Continuous practice, the accumulation of experience with their own set of mature and reliable cooperation in different processes, so that cooperation has become zero distance, so that customers worry-free worry!

Service object

Internet industry, we are in the CTO, JAVA, technical director, operations director, product manager, and other positions to achieve 2 hours recommended 3 days a week interview for the rapid cooperation model.

Company attitudes

Target candidates: We always treat our candidates as best friends! Bek strives to provide high quality suitable positions for every candidate. Growing with our candidates is our goal.


For customers: We respect customers, cherish customers, while we have adhere to the principle that we do not participate in more than price, do not participate in digging contract customers, because it can not show our true strength. We want to offer our clients the most professional headhunting services that are built on a real partnership.


For cooperation: Based on trust, respect and seamless communication is the basis for bilateral cooperation. We firmly believe that we are a whole, is a partner, we work together to complete a talent-building career! The character of the decision maker represents the character of the business, so it is just as important to select the right person to communicate with us in addition to informing the position.

For the team: Hunting hunting headhunting is a learning-type headhunting institutions, all posts, regardless of the level of everyone to maintain a modest and studious gesture, learn from each other, and common progress. Hunting hunting head to believe that a truth: there is a channel, the industry specializing in surgery, three lines must have my teacher Yan. Everyone has its unique advantages, complementary advantages, hunting hunting team can be more powerful headhunting.

Off-site customer cooperation process!

the two sides by telephone or other means of network communication pre-communication, exchange, the initial intention to reach cooperation

to understand the demand for talent situation, position JD

the signing of the contract, customers pay 50% down payment, clear the project leader

set up a project team to collect and digest the relevant information of the customer enterprise, research its competitors and confirm the scope of candidates

according to the scope and candidates one by one communication, feedback analysis, project discussion, to determine the intention of candidates

with the client and responsible for decision-making to communicate, recommend candidates for customers

according to customer feedback on the candidates Hunting program refinement adjustment, the final search for customers to find satisfactory candidates

to confirm the candidate, the company issued to the candidates OFFER, to assist the candidates for handover procedures, and urge their posts as soon as possible

to keep in touch with customers, timely solutions to customer problems and related consulting; long-term and candidates save communication, so that candidates adapt to the new work environment and corporate culture as soon as possible.

After-sales advantages


in the project cooperation is completed, hunting sharp to provide application consulting services, and long-term tracking of candidates to ensure that candidates quickly adapt to the new environment into the new enterprise

Service Process

After the formal cooperation between the two sides, the client arranges the employment department and the headhunting pre / post consultant to hold the project meeting, summarizes the cooperation situation. If the headhunter recommended 2-3 batches of candidates are not appropriate, the customer should arrange employment departments and executive search consultants held a project meeting, timely adjustment of search direction, improve the efficiency of bilateral cooperation. The two sides should work together, from time to time to convene the project meeting, exchange of information.


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